why cant i cry money instead of tears


Walter van Beirendonck autumn / winter 2000-01

This Winter Collection 2000-2001 is based on one main concept: each garment can be dissected and rethought in various layers and functionality. Layering drastically changes the function of the garment and the shape of the body: a shirt becomes more than just a shirt, a jacket becomes a royal coat. Cutting through the different layers is used to achieve an optimal effect. This collection wants to bring back a feeling of pride and dressing up into fashion: one wears a striking, almost majestic garment. Dressing up is revalue as a performing ritual, including the assistance of a dresser. The face frames crowning the models have been realised by Stephen Jones, and merely accentuate the beauty of the wearers. The shape of the shoes follows the anatomy of the feet, focusing on the toes, which are pressed into the natural coloured leather. 184 different fabrics were used in the making of this collection.


FiddleBack by Cyril Rolando
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Paris Night&Day by A labgraph


My life is a mess.

            So is my hair.


does this even look like Ireland?